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Grading of our LPs

Mint (M)

The vinyl is new and has never been played. The album is still in its original seal, without any damage.

Near Mint (NM)

The vinyl has been used before, but is in perfect condition. It looks almost new, but the cover is no longer in the original seal.

Very Good + (VG +)

The vinyl has already been used, but is well maintained. There are traces of limited wear visible on the cover, but
is in good condition. In some cases, a spot of a price sticker on the cover may be visible or a small written name.

Very Good (VG)

The vinyl clearly has scratches that cause noise or light creaking. Usually this is most noticeable in quiet parts of the music. The record does not skip. The cover may have small tears, tape scraps or stickers, but still looks acceptable.

Good (G)

The vinyl has clearly been played with, with deeper scratches. You hear crackles and noise, but the record does not skip. The cover can show obvious wear or damage.