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Story AC / DC - Back in Black

AC / DC's seventh studio album, released in 1980, bears a title that you can take literally: Back In Black. Because what do you do as a hard rock band at the height of your success when your frontman Bon Scott suddenly drinks himself into the afterlife? Do you want to stay put or - although still in full mourning - hit back hard with tight riffs? AC / DC opted for the latter. Anyone who thought that the 1977 albums Let There Be Rock and 1979's Highway To Hell were unmatchable after the death of Scott, immediately got licked. Thanks to new vocalist Brian Johnson, a roaring buoy with a voice and charisma that don't pale in comparison to its predecessor. The Young brothers recruited the man after an audition and wrote their legendary back-from-never-gone record with him. They put them in a black sleeve in memory of Scott. In opening track Hells Bells, the church bells first ring, but not much later it is Johnson's bell of a voice that sets things afire. Armed with songs like You Shook Me All Night Long, Shoot To Thrill and especially title track Back In Black, the album grew into one of the best-selling records ever. More than 50 million copies have already been sold worldwide.