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Story Human League - Dare

Dare from 1981 is The Human League's third album, but you can also see it as The Human League 2.0's first album. After the two first albums Reproduction and Travelogue, The Human League underwent a complete metamorphosis. Founding members Martyn Ware and Ian Craig Marsh called it quits and went looking for it in higher spheres with their new band Heaven 17. Frontman Philip Oakey left the avant-garde electronic sound behind and took a more poppy path. He plucked two teenage girls from the dance floor of a Sheffield nightclub and renamed them his backing singers. Together with other remaining band member Philip Adrian Wright, newly recruited musicians Ian Burden and Jo Callis and especially producer Martin Rushent, he made the most successful record of his career. Oakey's voice blends wonderfully with the backing of Joanne Catheral and Susan Ann Sulley, and with the synths and drum machines of Burden, Callis and Wright. In addition to mega hit Don’t You Want Me, the album also features the beautiful The Things That Dreams Are Made Of and the slightly surprising but no less infectious The Sound Of The Crowd. It is an absolute new wave and synth-pop classic that will give even the most hardened toohanger dancing legs.