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Story Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures

The iconic cover of Unknown Pleasures, Joy Division's first studio album from 1979, is burned to the retina of just about every post-point aficionado. The idea of using the lines (radio waves emitted by a pulsar) comes from guitarist Bernard Sumner. But it's Peter Saville, pretty much the permanent graphic designer of the record label Factory Records, who poured it into the unforgettable minimalist cover. And not only the cover is unforgettable, the music is too. Disorder, She's Lost Control, Shadowplay, New Dawn Fades: they are all on this fantastic record. The melodic bass of Peter Hook and the dark voice of Ian Curtis came into their own for the first time thanks to the chilly production of sound wizard Martin Hennett. The band - which sounded a bit rougher live than on this album - was initially not entirely happy with that sound. The music presses history proved them wrong. Unknown Pleasures still resonates today in the sound of several contemporary post-punk bands; Fontaines D.C. and The Murder Capital to name a few.