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Story Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here

Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here appeared in 1975 as the follow-up to The Dark Side Of The Moon. Wish You Were Here: these turned out to be prophetic words, because who walked into the studio while recording the album? None other than Syd Barrett, the former singer-guitarist of the band who left on an LSD trip. Roger Waters and co hardly recognized him. He had gained about twenty kilos and lost two eyebrows. The fact that Bob Geldof shaves his eyebrows in the film The Wall refers to that moment. The album, dedicated to Barrett, contains in addition to the title track the unparalleled Shine On You Crazy Diamond (split into two parts because it is too long for one LP side), the intoxicating Welcome To The Machine and the music industry mocking Have A Cigar. . It is the record bosses who figure in that last song who catch fire on the album cover while closing a deal with a handshake. You know, the flames licked the stuntman's mustache and gave him a hot shave. The man was otherwise unharmed. As with most Pink Floyd albums, the album cover is the work of Storm Thorgerson and his team at Hipgnosis. In 2010, the Kortrijk residents of Goose called on Thorgerson for the cover of their album Synrise